Monday, 30 April 2018

Android Bulk SMS Sender, A Robust SMS Sender

In the present era we see everyone using an android phone. Android phones are of good quality, robust and can be bought at a reasonable price. Now people has started using their android phones for Promotion and marketing. It’s a good practice as it is one of the easiest and cost efficient way for promotion and marketing. There are also some advanced tool that connect many android phones together so that you can use them all at once for your marketing and promotions. One of such advance tool is Android Bulk SMS Sender, a robust tool to send unlimited messages to unlimited people from multiple android phones.

SMS Sending Software

Android Bulk SMS Sender is a robust bulk SMS sending tool to send SMS in bulk from Multiple Android phones via your computer. You can send Thousands of SMS from your PC through connected Android Phones just by installing 'Android & Desktop SMS Sender Modem App' on your android phone available at play store and Android Bulk SMS Sender on PC. Android SMS Sender acts as a robust SMS marketing and promotion tool with help of which you can expand your business and reach new heights. You can send personalized messages to all your contacts with the help of features provided within the software. For your records,android SMS sender also keeps a Log file for Sent and Failed SMS with number, corresponding message and Date of SMS sent.This bulk text messaging software only requires you to have the SIM in your phone and No data connection is required for its working.Android Bulk SMS Sender supports Multi Lingual SMS so that you can send SMS in French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, German and many others.

So here one of the question in your mind has been solved "How to send SMS in bulk?" For sending multiple SMS at once, you can import the contact list from the excel sheets or text file son your computer or you can also enter the contacts manually. With the help of Android Bulk SMS Sender you can send INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONAL SMS in BULK with the feature of adding country code as Prefix to Mobile numbers.Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS to All DND and NON-DND Mobile Numbers in bulk. This SMS sending software also allows you to customize SMS with many fields such as Mobile Number, Name etc. It allows you to select phone number out of all connected android phones through which you want to send SMS from PC. This software includes many new features such as delay in SMS, duplicate contacts removal etc.Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS from your PC to recipient’s mobiles phones in bulk.You can send SMS to any number of people without any limitation or restriction from the tool.This SMS sending software sends SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers just in few seconds. Android Bulk SMS Sender is operable on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. It has a user friendly interface and requires only basic computer knowledge.So over all we can say that Android Bulk SMS Sender is really a robust, advanced and modern tool.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Advanced Marketing with Numbers- Gathering Contacts

Numbers play an important role in our day to day life. Everything around us can be equated to a number. Like the time of which you are reading this article is a number. The importance of numbers is so much that everybody is running after it. Just, for example, everybody has set a numerical figure that they have to earn in a fixed period of time that is their income. The importance of numbers is so much that when Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1885, assigned numbers to the telephones so that the communication can become possible. So from their arrived the concept of telephone number also called the phone number. As the mobiles arrived in the market they also wanted an identification, so was given numbers called the mobile numbers. In today’s world, we all have our private phone number. It’s a good idea to make the business out of it. Isn’t it? Yes, it is, people are already using it for marketing purposes. But getting the relevant phone or mobile numbers for marketing is difficult. In today’s advanced world we have made everything easy. So let us get introduced to some really interesting phone number extracting tools that will help you in getting the relevant phone or mobile numbers for marketing.

Here are 5 tools for phone number extraction:

1. Phone Number Web Extractor

Phone Number Web Extractor extracts Phone/Mobile/FAX Numbers from INTERNET/WEB through all the popular search engines such as (BING, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, etc) and also from the websites that you want smartly. Phone Number Web Extractor extracts Phone/Mobile/FAX Numbers from a list of WEBSITES urls and provides you many Options for searching Phone/Mobile/FAX numbers so that you get optimum result. It extracts only the number those you really need not all available numbers on the internet by taking some specifications from you. Search engines can be updated online for better result also it is a best WebPhone Numbers Finder on the internet till date. Extracted Phone /Mobile/FAX numbers can be saved in.CSV (Opens in EXCEL) or.TXT file(Opens in Notepad).Phone Number Web Extractor allows you to add multiple URLs at a time, these can be from.CSV OR.TXT files.It also updates Search TAGS for Optimum Search Results only for your convenience and it Allows auto Update of Search Engines.

2. Phone Number Extractor Files
Phone Number Extractor Files extracts phone numbers/ mobile numbers/ fax numbers from document files such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, RTF, PPT, PPTX, XML, HTML, ASP, PHP & all Other files that are stored in your computer. It automatically removes duplicate phone /mobile /fax numbers from the list with the help of its features. It is the best software that can also extract phone and mobile numbers from multiple files of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Html and many more. It can process multiple files and folders to extract the phone numbers in one go. The tool is very fast and accurate in extracting phone numbers in just minutes.Phone Number Extractor Files extracts phone number from MS Word Files, PDF files, PowerPoint Files, excel files etc. It has filter options such as fetch number that starts with 999 or ends with 543 and many more filter options.  This tool extracts phone numbers from multiple files and also from multiple folders. This tool can process 1000's of files in the single process within a short span of time. Phone Number Extractor Files is compatible with win 7, win 8, win 10.

It is fastest tool for extract Phone Numbers from all supported files. It also supports Phone Numbers filter through which you can remove all the unwanted Phone Numbers and keep only the phone number those you really want.

3.Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor

Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor fetch multiple phone numbers and mobile numbers from Outlook and Outlook Express and it also extracts all the relevant phone numbers/mobile number/ fax numbers from Outlook Express (DBX) files and Microsoft Outlook (.PST) files at once. Its special feature is that it works for all personal folders of any configured Outlook Profiles such as (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items, Outbox, Journal, Tasks etc.).

It is a very fast tool for extracting phone numbers, mobile numbers and fax numbers from Outlook and Outlook Express. All the extracted phone numbers can be saved in a form of CSV files (OPENS in excel) or can be saved in .txt files (OPENS in notepad).

4. Mobile Number Generator

Mobile Number Generator is a tool for generating mobile numbers of any digits and any country. It generates all countries mobile numbers of any number of digits. It can generate mobile numbers in SEQUENCE or RANDOMLY as instructed by the user. Mobile Number Generator software is a very fast mobile number generator and very easy to use.

This advanced Mobile Number Generator generates the number with the prefix that you want and is highly useful marketing as you can get contacts that nobody else has. You can generate numbers randomly or sequentially as you prefer. You have a preferred criteria to generate the number of ranges of number, this can be maximum up to 9999999 numbers.It is compatible with Windows operating system. Generated mobile numbers can be saved in a tabular form in.CSV (EXCEL) format or in Text (.TXT) file format.

5. Outlook contacts grabber

Outlook contacts grabber is an essential new utility that is of vital significance for all the business people who rely on Outlook for their day in & day out communication tasks. Commonly we all use outlook but do not think of it as a contact grabber but we can use it as a one with the help of Outlook contacts grabber. Outlook contacts grabber is a hybrid of two utilities in one that is it lets you extract phone/mobile/fax numbers & email addresses both at the same time from Outlook Contacts Book also it has the advanced ability to process both PST files in case you want extraction from files.This contact grabber advanced software can be used to process multiple profiles one by one. Users can further customise the task by going for specific heads like the business number, home contact, etc. in the filter section. Outlook contacts grabber software one can also process 1000s of.PST files at once & extract useful contact details out of them. The extracted number is saved in.CSV (Excel compatible) or .TXT (Notepad compatible) files in a tabular form for quick access and usage.

These are the advanced tool that can be used to make your bank accounts in big numbers with the help mobile numbers. These tools will help you in gathering the contact number. For sending promotional messages to these contacts you can refer our other blogs.  

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Make use of your existing files and folders for marketing

Many times we have a lot of information on our computer that we can use for our benefit but do not know how to do so. Everyone has to do marketing of its company, products to get par excellence. Now a day everyone maybe it school, sports academy, clubs, gym, small and large scale companies all are doing marketing of themselves to increase their profit and make themselves a brand One of the simplest ways to this is to by sending emails. But from where do we get the relevant email ids. You can get them from your own computer by the use of Email Extractor Files. You may be having a lot of files in which you might be having a lot of email ids. Like you may be having resumes, the list of email ids and another sort of files. This email extractor software will at once extract all the email ids at once from them.
Email Extractor Files is a user-friendly tool developed to extract email ids from multiple files and folders at once. This adaptable tool can extract email ids in bulk from almost all the formats of files like.DOC,.DOT, .PPT,.XLS, .XLSM,.PST,.RTF, .DBX, PDF, HTML and many others. The tool has a lot of options available that provide choices to extract the appropriate data for the user. It is very fast and accurate in its task and takes the least time to do the job.Now harvest email addresses from the large lump of files and folders without wasting a single minute of yours. This software can extract email ids from thousands of files of any format in just one click of yours. You can also extract email ids from all the PDF files on your computer even if your system doesn’t have Acrobat installed on it. It automatically deletes the duplicate ids and Filter equipped in it presents email IDs only of user’s need. The list of ids that is extracted can be saved on your PC for future use.


The software Email Extractor Files can perform some extraordinary things that other tools can’t such as the tool process thousands of files of any format to extract email ids from them at once. This advanced tool has been rigged with the filter that removes all the duplicate email addresses thus saving the time of the user. The tool has resulted as a boon for the organizations that use emails for marketing. It is the best files email extractor

Many companies get a lot of resumes every day with a lot of email ids in them. Now a day they are using it for their own benefits by extracting the email ids at once. The email address extracted can be used for email marketing, email campaigning and promote any new product that you launch. The best part is that you can get the ids from your own computer and therefore can rely on them. 

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Get one step ahead by grabbing the offer


Every day we must go one step ahead of tomorrow by doing some extra effort, adding something extra for our self, for our company. But how simple is to say that but doing this is a difficult but a pleasurable work. So for a company getting more and more customers can lead to this.You can make this possible having their contact numbers. You can contact them talk to them personally and make you a brand. As by speaking to them directly makes your customers nearer to you and your brand.So how to get contacts for contacting them? You may be having many files in your computer that may have many phone, mobile numbers, you can use them to Extract numbers from files. But it’s a very long process if done manually, therefore you need a software that can do your task in some minutes so you can usePhone Numbers Extractor Files. You can also use Mobile Number Generator that generates mobile, phone numbers for any country. Both of them are very helpful to boost your company and taking it to new heights.

Technocom solutions have come with an amazing offer that gives a special discount of 25% off when you buy the combo of these two products (Mobile Number Generator+Phone Numbers Extractor Files). Is not it amazing, so grab the deal and save your money?  This offer is valid for a limited period and is valid for both existing and new customers.




Phone Numbers Extractor Files tool is an innovative step towards extracting phone numbers from multiple files and folders at once. The specialty of this software is that it can extract phone numbers, cell phone numbers, etc from files of all formats and from hundreds of them and list them in a tabular form that you can save for further reference. The duplicate numbers are automatically removed from the list to save user’s effort and time, due to this feature you will not have to call the same number many times. The harvested phone numbers from files can be saved for future use in any type of file you want.
Mobile Number Generator is state of art that can generate numbers quickly & in bulk both sequentially and randomly. ThisSequence number generator is very helpful as you get a new range of numbers that nobody else have. It has many filters such as you can generate numbers starting with 9999, 7683878, 45432, etc also you can number ending with 7865, 0000, 1123 etc. It is very useful as you can generate the whole one jio numbers series starting with 8700 it's very amazing.It has the talent to generate numbers both in Random & Sequential form and the numbers that are generated can be saved in both.CSV and.TXT format. The software works at a tremendous speed and brings out the exact result that you want as it very accurate.

Both the software are used by many companies and call centers. If you don’t have them you should definitely go for them as you cannot be behind others.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Get Ahead of others by using email extractors

In the world full of communication we have a lot of emails arriving every time. Can we use it for proceeding in our business? Yes, definitely we can use it to proceed in ou­­­r business. How that’s possible that’s what the question arises in your mind. All your emails may it be from your old business contacts, friends mail or any other mail. You can get a list of it in just a click by using Email Extractor Outlook N Express or Email Extractor Outlook tool. Now, these extracted emails can be used for your business needs. You can re-contact you, previous customers, traders that you do not even remember and proceed your business or you can use it for email promotions, email marketing, email campaigning etc.  

Email Extractor Outlook N Express is an innovative tool that has been created to extract email addresses from both MS Outlook and Outlook Express and Email Extractor Outlook tool from MS Outlook, so if you use only MS Outlook you must go for Email Extractor Outlook tool and if you use both outlook and express then go for Email Extractor Outlook N Express. Outlook N Express can extract email addresses from.PST (MS Outlook) &.DBX (Outlook Express) both at once and outlook can extract email ids from.PST (MS Outlook). They have the ability to extract mail ids in bulk from these files and help you in preceding your business to new heights. The tools are highly preferred for extraction purpose because of its speed and accuracy that make it perfect for you. Email Extractor Outlook N Express and Email Extractor Outlook tool have been furnished with the best features that provide user with the huge amount of choices to extract email ids according to their needs & demands. They both provide email ids in tabular form that can be saved for your further reference in a text file or excel sheet.    

The user can extract email addresses individually from folders like inbox, outbox, deleted, sent, etc. Select or Unselect folders according to their choice and get extracted the email addresses making it different from other software available in the market. The software automatically removes duplicate email ids from the list saved in tabular form, saving a lot of time of the user these options are not provided with the software of all companies but technocom has this feature. Users can also fetch email ids of their choice by the ‘Filter’ command provided in the tool. You can save the email ids that are extracted either in.CSV format or in.TXT format whichever you like. It is the best outlook email extractor.

Outlook email address extractor does not require any technical knowledge at all and is very easy to use. Emails can be sent to anyone free of cost but for sending them you require email ids and that you can get by using Email Extractor Outlook N Express or Email Extractor Outlook tool. They have various filters that can be used in the software like not to include no reply emails.

Both the tools can be used for personal and business needs as emails are an integral part of our life. You can use both the tools for more than one email ids taking one at a time. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to Extract Email Ids from Web ?

Web email extractor

Email locations are the prime wellspring of email promoting. They are required to mail clients around an item being propelled or an administration being started. Mail Ids assume a critical part in advancement of merchandise or administrations. Be that as it may, removing email ids is a troublesome assignment for the clients. In spite of the fact that there are various sources accessible to concentrate email ids and utilize them for promoting purposes.

We all realize that there are different sources accessible for collecting of email ids. However, before that we should realize the ways:

  • Service Providers: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and so on are administration suppliers and can be the prime starting point of getting email ids. These have addresses in enormous sum and have different areas structure where the mail ids can be gathered. In any case, to get these IDs you require an apparatus that can collect email ids. There are lots of  files email extractors accessible in the business sector that can have aptitude in collecting email ids from these administration suppliers. These apparatuses have alternatives to get email addresses from all parts of these administration suppliers. 

  • Web: This can be the principle wellspring of bringing email ids. The purpose for it is that all the enormous associations and partnerships present their advertisements and data about their items and administrations on the Internet. In spite of the fact that it is a simple thing to collect yet when required in enormous sum it turns into a riotous procedure. Along these lines you require an Internet Email Extractor apparatus that can collect addresses for you from Internet. These instruments give decisions to concentrate email ids both from Keywords and URLs. 

  • MS Outlook and Outlook Express: These are another starting points of extricating email ids. Viewpoint gives you choices to deal with your email account without being on-line. In this way an Outlook email extractor ought to forces every one of the alternatives that can get email ids from all parts of Outlook, for example, In-box, erase, sent and so forth. 

  • Documents: This is the littlest yet successful wellspring of getting email ids. It is difficult to gather email ids from heft of records and things get harder when they are of diverse configurations. The records email extractor instrument required for this procedure ought to have the capacity to get email ids from HTML and PDF documents too. 

Accordingly there are various wellsprings of getting email ids, the main thing client needs to do is picking the right device for the right reason. Keep in mind while picking the product you must see that whether they gangs the capacities and alternatives you are searching for.

Monday, 16 November 2015

How to Scrape Data from Website ?

Web Data Scraper

Web Data scraper- Information or in other words is feeding of today’s marketing world. It is considered that organizations having huge amount of data can capture larger part of market.In the category of data there are numerous things that come. They can be email ids, links, HTMLs, etc. that can help in building strategy.

So let us see the sources of data-

Internet- Undoubtedly the prime source of getting email IDs and several other things for different purposes. But a successful extraction totally depends upon the software you are using. Choose the best email extractor or moreover choose Web data scrapper tool that can extract anything you wish. The data scrapper you are going to employ should have all the options and features that could be helpful while extracting data.

Mail managers- You would be shocked to see the name here but it is true. Yes mail managers such as Outlook & Outlook express can be a great data banks that could provide information in huge amount. These mail manager receive thousands of mails daily and manage users account. Thus can be really helpful in this particular case.

Mail Service providers- Gmail, Hotmail,etc. are called mail service providers. They help you in arranging and sending mails and saving as well. These too act as mail managers but they can be given priority before them as they are employed more than in daily use.

Files- They are placed last in the list because they are not of use until & unless someone sends information in them.

These sources are somehow important in one or the other condition for data. The only thing users need to follow is use of better tool that can provide relative information. Hence getting the right tool is more important.